What is the EGR valve responsible for?

Of course, many people have no idea that there is an EGR valve in their car, and at the same time they do not know what it is responsible for. Of course, the EGR valve has a very important task, namely to reduce the amount of harmful exhaust emissions that are generated during fuel combustion.

This is of key importance for environmental protection and from an ecological point of view, although we often believe that the failure of the EGR valve does not force us to replace it. In older car models, we also decide to dismantle them, in newer ones it is a slightly more serious problem, because we are talking about on-board computers to which they are connected. Let us remember that in the event of any inspection, emission standards are also checked, if our EGR valve is out of order or we decided to remove it, we may face a quite severe penalty. In addition, the lack of an EGR valve adversely affects the operation of the car engine, its uneven operation, lack of adequate power or acceleration, or it goes out during operation. So it’s safe to say that driving with a damaged EGR valve carries a great risk, not only related to a possible ticket or black exhaust gas coming out of the exhaust pipe, but also related to engine failure, which is better avoided. The best solution in this case is to check the EGR valve, especially whether it is clogged or even worn out, we will not find it without visiting an automotive service.

What is EGR valve failure associated with?

So what else is associated with EGR valve failure? Is there a chance and opportunity to avoid it? The use of good quality fuel is not only a suggestion in this situation, which is worth remembering, but also in many others, which will have a positive effect on our car, especially its engine. However, if we are forced to replace such an EGR valve, you can opt for a used one, in perfect technical condition, which allows for its further use, they are available at EGR valve, where there is a shop selling used car parts.